pan's labrynth


entirely thrilled
is friggen awesome. all other movies now suck. the end. watch it. it's on cinemax of late, and i'm sure will be on again.
Brilliant stuff. Amazing that something of this quality actually got some mainstream recognition.

Similarly, let me add that "The Proposition" is well worth your time if you're down with westerns and can handle some non-Hollywood writing. A brutal and beautiful film.
Its on the list, like number 4 on my Net Flix list. Hopefully next week.

Ronin is the next one up

BTW = Got me allot of husband points the other day = Rented "The Notebook" and sat thru it with the Mrs.
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Pan's Labyrinth had the best movie ending i have seen in so long.

ChrisG, funny you should mention The Proposition. I use that movie to compare to Pan's Labyrinth just because of the up close gore that both the movies use feels similiar. Probably Apacolypto (sp?) is similiar, but i'm not that much a fan of brutal gore closeups to watch it.

I also just started watching Dexter, a Showtime series that is now on DVD, and it is AWESOME!
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