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Whole fruit, whole grain, is best. Removing fiber and peel removes much of the good.
Not sure how this works with eating animals. Eat plants :)


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I like the fact you fill it with water. I don't find it too apple saucey but since it isn't a juicer the pulp is there. Think of it as drinking OJ with some pulp which I prefer. Although I wish it came with a XL cup. I would like to at most double the veggies. But it does 'blend' real fast and clean up is a breeze.


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I've tried adding coconut to my juice. It taste really good. I use both meat and water. However, those things are hard to open. I have been using an old fashioned hand drill to get the water, and then I let Art go to town with a hatchet. Seems like a bit of work, no? Any easy methods known?

I also found turmeric root, which I put through with my vegies. It has little taste to me, but is supposed to be good for inflammation. Anyone try turmeric and notice results?


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I just stole a new juicer from the cooking ware emporium (also known as my mother in law's house) so should I join? can you juice a burrito?
this might work out better than eating a bowl of ice cream when I get home from work.


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I just grabbed a nutri bullet... so far so good. works great. need more recipes. my father in law was in town and he makes his own juice drinks from a nutri bullet as well. he made a few for me daily last week and they tasted very good. however after drinking it for a few days he told me that he uses a bunch of different juices from a bottle as well as uses sorbet in the mix. to me it sounds like he may be defeating his own purpose.

I have been hearing a lot about using kale, spinach.....

I really need to make a list and hit the market :hmmm:


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Lou would contribute to this thread if he knew how to operate a computer, instead he just texts me relentlessly.


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Lou would contribute to this thread if he knew how to operate a computer, instead he just texts me relentlessly.

I am going to go text you right now :D



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need more recipes
I've just been throwing in whatever, mixing it up. We've been cutting up weekend to prepare for the week. Pretty easy.

I always buy and use these.
-spinach or kale
-banana (I gotta have this. Makes it more smoothie like)
-raw nuts

I'll buy a few of these each week


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Does Rogan pay you commission for your endorsements? I am really digging this kale shake though, thanks.

I've tried every coconut water I could find (never had that one) and I like this one the best, plus it's readily available at the local stop and shop - albeit at $4.99 a clip.

He isn't sponsored by c2o, he just loves it so he talks about it sometimes. he has it in his studio and guests are always commenting on how good it is.
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