NYPD cop debadged for assaulting cyclist...


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I still don't think the officer singled out that specific cyclist. The two officers were looking up the road at a large group of cyclists. I think they decided it would be best to get out of the way and started moving towards the sidewalk. The bad apple COP let one cyclist go by and then decided to walk forward.

He and the next cyclist got confused and ended up colliding. I agree that his big step forward and shove was uncalled for and certainly makes him the aggressor. I just don't see any evidence that his action was directed at that specific cyclist as some are claiming.

Also keep in mind that these Crit Mass events often put the police it a bad spot. The cyclists are forming a demonstration without a permit (I think). They are breaking traffic laws. The motorists are looking at the cops saying, "WTF, Why don't you do something about this?" Tensions are high and clashes often occur. This one is pretty minor, IMO.

To me it looked like what he did was pretty blatant and pre-meditated, but I do see Ben's point. If you're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, there were several bikes wizzing by him at a pretty good speed swerving by him before and as he was making his walk to the sidewalk. It is possible he saw one of them as trying to hit him. If you are standing in the middle of the road with 1000's of bikes going by you, it is possible you see something of an illusion.

Again, my opinion is it was much more premeditated than that, but that's how I would defend the cop if I had to.


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The story is very critical of the police office. However, I don't understand this statement by the reporter? "The video shows scores of delirious bikers riding through Times Square after eluding the police detail that trailed them and then the cyclist getting thrown to the curb."

Was there evidence of "delirious" riders? How were the hippies on comfort cruisers with video cameras in hand "eluding" the police detail that was "trailing" them? I thought the NYPD position on these events was to deny permits (which Critical Mass apparently does not apply for) and keep order, not to chase them down and catch them?

Got to love the media!


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Not to defend the cop, but, it looks like he picked that guy out of the crowd of cyclists, like he was waiting for that specific guy. Who knows what happened off camera before the cop took him down. Do you think he just wanted to hit someone and arrest him? Maybe , but I doubt it. I'm sure none of the people in the critical mass will come out and condemn the rider. And of course the media just loves to make huge deals out of stuff like this. Plus there is always risks when you take part in a psuedo illegal event like this.


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Not to defend the cop, but, it looks like he picked that guy out of the crowd of cyclists, like he was waiting for that specific guy. Who knows what happened off camera before the cop took him down. Do you think he just wanted to hit someone and arrest him? Maybe , but I doubt it.

The city settled a civil suit with the cyclist for $65,000. It was pretty clear that the cop was not under orders to stop that cyclist and acted on his own. But the worst was how he falsified the report- the video proved that the cop blatantly lied on the police report.

The threshold of guilt for a criminal case is higher, though, so we'll see what they can prove in court. Needless to say, I don't think that state prosecutors would have brought a criminal case against the officer if they didn't have so much evidence that they couldn't ignore it.


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Good, and what is even better he lied on the stand....:hysterica
Said the guy came at him, loser..


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I don't think cops like cyclists at all period. I had one threaten to write me a ticket for throwing a banana peal in the woods; I was on the entrance road to the park, it was a cop not a park ranger and to top it off I was 15 at the time.


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In my findings.....50% of cops are C S'ers.... and 50% of cyclists are also C S'ers.

So you have a 1 in 2 chance of dealing with a prick either way.


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That looks like felony assault, possible aggravated, due to an intent to injure which should bring at least a year in prison. Whoever wrote and signed the associated police reports is guilty of perjury in the 1st degree (false statement under oath) which is also a felony in NY and gets you up to 5 years in prison.

$5 says the guy gets off easy with probation and a $1000 fine.



Saw an update on this case in Daily News, I think. Said the officer quit, settled his case in civil court, for 65k I think, and stil has criminal assault charges pending that could get him 4 years in the klink. Now I have to try to find the article again. Feel free to correct me if u saw the article

edit: my bad, article in the NY Post today, the officer is no longer with nypd, court case is going on now, dunno if my info on civil case was correct, but charges facing the ex-officer are misdemeanor assault and felony false filing of a police report.
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ok so the guy is a douche, but how is it relevant to the case and why does the judge even allow that line of questioning


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because he is a cop and the police unions lawyers will do whatever it takes to make the guy look bad.
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