NYPD cop debadged for assaulting cyclist...

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Did anyone else see this?

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There's also a YouTube video of course, it's not too hard to find. The officer claims the cyclist "ran into him"...



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I was actually planning a ride that goes from penn station all the way downtown across the brooklyn bridge to prospect park then back up to central park and back to penn station. Maybe I'll add this thing to it.


"Long (the rider), 29, was charged with attempted assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct."

How about the cop being charged with assault? Its amazing what "public officials" get away with... what makes them so special? From what I've seen, that cop is total trash and should be thrown in jail for assaulting an innocent person.


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The NYPD has many issues to contend with, resulting in the occasional jackhole walking the beat.
The pay sucks.
There is an unrealistic residency requirement on the officers.
The training (or lack of) is not consistent throughout the department.
The background investigations done on the applicants are not adequate for a post 9-1-1 world, resulting in people being in the wrong business.
The educational/employment requirements for new hires are low.
The thing that amazes me is that they found about 29,000 people other than the cop in the video, who are not total a-holes to take that job.


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What A Dick!!!!! I heard on the news today that the officer maybe charged with pergory for lieing on the police report. I hope he gets the book thrown at him fully, cause that was a serious Dick move.


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Holy Crap! Someone should get this guy to call Ron Kuby - Civil Rights Attorney Extraordinaire ;) ! He always gets great press out of stuff like this, especially where there is a video record!

P.S. The cop accelerated pretty well with his shoulder dropped down a few inches:mad::mad::mad: Somebody obviously pissed this cop off earlier in the day - but why take it out on this random guy? He clearly had stood on his pedals and steered clear of the path of the cop.


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I watched the vid. Here is my take. The two cops were in the middle of the road and there were bikers passing all around them. It looked like they decided to get out of the road and began walking towards the curb. The cop walked into the path of the rider. The rider changed course to avoid him but the cop continued. When impact was unavoidable the cop went to far.

I don't think the cop had any intention of doing this. Once he assumed he was going to be hit...he just made sure that he inflicted more damage than he received. I didn't find it shocking or alarming. He just went a bit too far.

I think it is wrong to now characterize the entire NYPD as crooked or start lashing out at cops in general. This one cop was in the wrong and it looks as if he will get punished. Let's focus on that.


I watched the vid several times and my take is he did have every intention of hitting the cyclist. Yeah the rider changed his course but, you'll notice the cop picked up his pace at the last second to meet the cyclist with him looking right at him the entire way then put his shoulder down upon impact. I don't see it as trying to avoid the cyclist.

News also reporting the cop was only the job for 3 weeks.

While I appreciate what the cops have to do and deal with - this is blatant.


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I don't think the cop had any intention of doing this. Once he assumed he was going to be hit...he just made sure that he inflicted more damage than he received. I didn't find it shocking or alarming. He just went a bit too far.

Well, to be fair, he did falsify the police report to make it sound like he was assaulted which created a serious enough issue that they'd take his badge and assign him to a desk. You don't do that in the event of an "accidental" collision.

It's pretty obvious that he was choosing the rider he was going to take down, and he specifically chose a tall male rather than the smaller women who rode by before, because knocking over a small woman would be an even bigger PR disaster.

I'm friends with several NYPD officers who are active mountain bikers, and this event in no way reflects on them or the way they do their job. Saying all cops are dicks is like hikers saying that all mountain bikers are assholes... there are bad apples in every bunch, and judging the whole by the actions of a few is a bad precedent...


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My take on it, the cop is obviously eyeballing this cyclist well before he is in the screen. He hastened his step and raised his forearm/elbow. Of course a collision was imminent, the cop dictated that. Of course he was going to inflict more damage, he's bigger than a guy who is sitting on a bike.

Agreed that all cops are not bad, and it is good that this guy is being punished. However, with proper union representation, this gentlemen will probably be fired but the good citizens of NYC will be paying his 66 2/3 for a long time to come.


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THE COP WAS TWO VERY LONG PACES AWAY FROM ANY "IMMINENT" COLLISION - AND PURPOSEFULLY PICKED UP THE PACE AND STRIDE TO HIT THIS GUY! You can see that the biker stopped pedaling to steer clear of the cop's path and give him plenty of room. Upon further review, it is unanimous in my office that the cop fixated on this rider and timed his approach to take him out. NO DOUBT!

The cop did not react to a hit that was imminent except at his own doing. And the previous riders were steering well clear of the cops.


I wonder if there's any chance that this cop new the guy he hit. Maybe there's a history between them .
It's so far fetched though, and why loose your job over it.

All cops are not bad,but this one is a douchebag !
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