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Just an FYI for those not aware, you can ride to the flow trails/Pump track and Main Street in around 5-10 minutes easily on mostly trail.

Guessing lots of you know this route, but some may not, if interested read on

The route is not well marked....or marked at all really. Basically you just ride to the bottom of Nassau road where it meets Washington Ave. Cross Washington and there is a trail right there that you cant see well from the road (greenway trail). Follow trail which should have you crossing over the river before you get 100 yards or so in. After crossing the river make a right into the lawn before a spooky looking old abandoned house. Ride to the back of the lawn where the trail continues going uphill for about another 100 yards or so and meets the Columbia trail. Go left on the Columbia trail and follow to the end where it crosses main street and hits the trail head parking lot.

To get to the pump track/flow trails go through the 1st and 2nd parking lots, then around the fence on the right, past the dog park. You should see piles of mulch/dirt/lawn debris on the left, and just when you are wondering what the hell is'll see the pump track on the right with the flow trails right behind them.

I live in town and ride this constantly to get back and forth to the trails. Below is a recent Strava map where I tried, somewhat pathetically, to label the route.

View attachment 158083

Followed these directions today, no problem.

This is the "spooky looking old abandoned house" you turn in front of.


If you were thinking about parking on the Columbia trail, the police don't seem to appreciate it.



Some Gravel bikes attempting the flow trails left after one attempt.


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