Mat-Su trail conditions


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trail conditions are packed and fast, under the 6"-24" of fresh heavy snow that fell yesterday. hopefully the snow machines will be out grooming the trails for tomorrow. if anyone wants to purchase all of my belongings that are still in new jersey for $5,000 let me know. ;)


That's quite the range - 6"-24"!! :p We had a teeny bit of snow, then it started raining. Lucky!!!!


entirely thrilled


can't honestly say i enjoyed more than the first five miles. those being the ones i was actually able to ride. according to race veterans, this year saw the worst conditions for the race in at least ten year. a perfect trail friday night turned into a windswept and largely unridable trail come saturday morning. even the guys with endomorphs, which dwarf the girly little 3" tires on the kung fu gorilla were pushing alot. i reached the first check point on flat horn lake, mile 22, after 4+ hours, and joined a bunch of other riders who were taking advantage of the figure 8 nature of the course and bailing out via the 15 mile return trailto the finish line instead of the remaining 80 or so miles.

today was the first time in memory that skiers reached the first check point before the bikes. skiers having only won the race one time previously. so, i got in 37 miles in conditions that rivaled deep, dry sand, at 5-20 degrees, with occasional 25mph+ winds, including one sustained headwind the really killed me.

fwiw, i was with the lead group of 7 for the first ten or so miles. at that point the trail became ridable by the fat tires, but not for my chubbies.

hopefully the rides i get in over the next week will be more pleasant...


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that blows

What a bummer.

Good thing you didn't build a pugsly just for this event.

I am sure the landscape was cool though??



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No doubt a bummer that the race went that way for you. What about the rest of the trip? Any opportunity to check out anything else while you were up there?


entirely thrilled
i'm still here. got here thursday morning and am up through next weekend.

alot of people scratched this one, and thankfully i had sense to do it in a place where i could get out under my own power and avoid a $200 airlift fee.


Bummer about conditions and all that, but enjoy the rest of your stay regardless!! What an awesome adventure! :lock:


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I hope that you're tacking on a little Chugach heli skiing onto your trip ?
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