Labor Day Ride: Monday Sept 4th.


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bonefishjake said:
weather permitting, i'll hit PP/LM tomorrow for a quick spin. heythorp?? :D

probably going to take an easy spin on the geared road bike to rest my very tired body


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trailhead said:
Great riding with all you, good workout.
You SSers are animals.

As for my SS ride, I had a hard time justifying going big bucks, so I decided to buy a GT Ruckus SS. Found one for $600, disc with J3 fork that locks out.
probably won't get it till next week, then the pain begins.

Norm A

That bike actually seems like a pretty good set up for 600. The gt seems like a good alternative to a monocog or solo one. The nice thing about the ecentric bb is that you can run any wheel you want in the back and use quick release
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