Impossible quotes of stupidity

I'm sorry that this is off bike shop stupidity but you can't make this stuff up when dealing with the public. I work at the Milltown HD and a young couple want to buy a lawnmower. The Mrs. is smokin' with these beautiful celestial orbs of harmony. :drooling: I "qualify the customers" and they wind up buying a push mower. I ask them if they need a gas can.
She replies, "For what?"
I'm thinking, 'you're perfect.'
So I have to say with a straight face, "to put gas in for the lawnmower."
She says, "where do we buy that?"
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Because they are made to last more than 91 days. You will note that Walmart bikes typically have a 90 day warranty.

I have a burning hate in my belly for crap bikes. Life is too short to buy fkn crap bikes.

This is my least favorite part of my job. ie.. Telling a single mom that the bike that she bought for her son was a total waste of money.

Often the repair costs on a 2 week old Next (walmart brand) are 75% of the cost paid for the Tank they bought at America's warehouse of deception.

I know you guys probably hate when people revive old threads, but this was frickin' hysterical!
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