I'm a daddy!!!!!!


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just a quick post from the hospital in freehold, as of 3:48 on 3/19/08, the wife and I bacame parents for the first time.

little baby boy, Garrett Patrick Brown, born 3 weeks early.

talk to you guys soon



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Mrs. PatBrown must be so excited for margaritas, congrats.
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Congrats man, enjoy the best week of your life. Many more of those to come!


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thanks for all the kind words and encouragement ladies and germs....

MrsPatrickBrown and I came home today from the hosp. the baby is still there for a little while in the special care center. he came out about 3 weeks early, and weighed only 4p11oz. they said he was light from Samara having gestational diabeties (spelling?) but all seems to be going very well now with him.

I'll get some pics up as as soon as I can

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