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  • Yes that was a close call for us. Thanks stopping in time & helping me up!
    A pleasure to race. . the weather, the course and most of all the people.
    Close call in the DH40 when you went down I was right behind you, I was so glad you and the bike were OK. I guess it was good I did not get in front of you or slow you down, I see you got 2nd place!
    Thank you so much!! My address is 342 County Road 513, Frenchtown, NJ 08825.

    I still have tires, tubes, a hat, t-shirt and socks for you. If you send me your address I'll send them to you.
    Hi Ellen,
    Looks like I will be out of town for that date. Perhaps another time.
    Hi Ellen, I just pulled out the SM paydirt sheets, and I see you do have 3 hrs each for June 9 and April 5, plus 4.5 hrs last fall. That makes 10.5. I updated your totals and will send them over to the scorekeeper for points. Thanks for helping out, and letting me know about the missed points. See you at Jungle.

    Yes the results were wrong! I was not at my best due to sleep deprivation. No warm up either since I over slept. I did have fun though!
    This has been a great year for mushrooms. Sounds like you had a nice hike.

    I did not see you after the race. I hope things went well for you. The results still seem to be messed up.
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