I did IT! and here are the Pic's


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Well, after much debate and heartache, I finally bought a Bike. It was between the Specialized and the Rocky Mountain ETSX. I decided the Specialized felt like a better fit, so that's the one I went with.

YES, those are reflectors on it. It just got out of the truck. Doesn’t have even have a few pedal strokes worth of dirt on it. I figured I should take pic's while it is shiny and new.




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So, I am really GLAD I convinced my buddy to get a bike today. Origanally we were going to head up to the beginner ride at Allaire, but we ended up running to late to go. SO, we went out to the construction site near us. MAN!
It was great to have another person to fall with.
Neither one of us, had ever had clipless pedals before, and the learning curve was not kind. The dirt was really soft for falling in, but made riding in it counter productive.
Like I said, I am glad I had a buddy with me. We had a blast getting dirt rash, and spent a lot of time just laughing at each other's misshaps.:rofl:

Also spent some time on the local trails, which have a LOT of sand on the corners. Did I mention we laughed a lot. =)

I think this is the best purchase I have made in several years.

I look forward to making next week's beginner ride.


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NICE!! congratulations. looks sweet. when will we see you out on the trails?

Well, I'll most likley head up to Allaire tomorrow night, and perhaps this weekend. Deffinately going to make the beginners ride, next week.

NJ Jess

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Great buy!

Beautiful bikes Frac! I love my Titus, but I fell in love with racing and riding on my Specialized FSR Stumpy. You will get a lot of memories riding those bikes. Allaire is really good to learn how to use your clipless pedals,....then we go to Ringwood to see watch you learned,..hee hee heee See ya Tuesday.
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