Help me transform to single speed.


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I've been posting a lot of questions, and I appreciate all the help I've been getting.

I decided that the next time I go out I'm going to try and pick the gear I would think about chosing if I go single speed. Otherwise I could always just convert it back if I don't like it ;)

After I find this gear,
-What am I going to need to know in order to make the chain fit?
-With the vertical dropouts my bike (Jamis Komodo) has, what does this mean for my chain tension?

I have been linked to the "magic gear" site, but I'm having trouble understanding it. Right now I have already removed the front derailer from the system.

Thanks for all the help :)


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how the magic gear site works:

what you need-
measure from the center of your axle in the frame, to the center of the bottom bracket. be precise.

a range of gears you are willing to use. remember that several different gear combinations can equal the same gear ratio. so put in two different chainring options and maybe three or four different cog options.

what to do-
i recommend viewing it as a chart.
1. put the largest and smallest chainrings in the appropriate boxes.
2. put the largest and smallest cogs in the appropriate boxes, it will automatically generate the chart using all the cogs in between.
3. select centimeters or inches.
4. put your chainstay length in the appropriate box.
5. tire diameter doesn't really matter unless you want to know your exact gear ratio.
6. select half link if you plan to run a chain compatible with half-links.
7. ignore chain stretch.
8. click generate.

all of the gear combinations in the highlighted area should work. the ones to the left will be tighter, the ones to the right will be looser, but all should be within range.


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start with a 32 front and either an 18T or 19T rear cog depending on how fit you currently are. actually, on a 26" i would likely start with an 18T and move from there.

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Is the best tensioner for a conversioned bike. It's like a mini derailuer with a tough spring. I haven't had my chain fall off nor do I stop to tighten the bolts. Just a suggestion though.
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