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I remember watching the 2014 finish from the other side of the lake saying, little spiller gonna spill. He's down by my in Clemson now, gotta find a way to link up with him.

@mbruno also beat you because your facial hair is horrible. Thoughts?


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RAIN OR SHINE?! This is a possibility
NICA Rain or Shine

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You bring new meaning to the term SUCK
It me, fam!


SO I've been off the bike more or less since October 28th 2017 when I pre-rode 2 laps of HPCX then continued to pack up and Irish exit thus starting my semi-official retirement from UCI racing. I cancelled Strava premium, my coaching, Training Peaks and have seriously rode about 10 times since.

It was a weird fall.

This late fall/winter/early spring I got super into a ton non-cycling related activities. I skied about 10 days, hiked 27 of my 39 Catskill 3500' peaks, snow shoed a bunch, bushwacked, hiked Marcy in a white out, had a separate snowy 5 peak weekend in the Adirondacks, started indoor rock climbing a month and a half ago and was extracted with my party off Friday Mountain in the Catskills after a friend took a 25' ledge fall, breaking his foot in the dark during a snow storm.

That last one actually was the start to this whole madness of a winter. A 5 peak hike, 4 of which off trail. What an adventure. AJ is fine now. He actually hiked himself out that night with help from the DEC. This is something probably worth it's own detailed post someday, maybe.

My priorities are shifted and I'm retired from racing bikes. That said, like everyone before me that has retired, I'm planning on racing this fall, maybe, locally. A short NJBACX season perhaps?

I started riding again last week. @rsinger814 and Zach tore my legs off in PA on Saturday, I'm a long way from the speedy days of the past but I'm totally cool with that. Right now i'm just excited to drop some winter weight, get some cardio back and enjoy the (hopefully someday) sunny warm weather.

I'll be honest, I'm really just excited for next winter. The excitement of long winter hikes/adventures has me giddy. I'm hoping to figure out some ski touring next winter. Matt E and I bumped into a bunch of people on our long Marcy day skiing back there and it looks like the cooooolest. I'd also like to maybe transition to climbing a little outdoors and would REALLY like to try some ice climbing.

Other maybe plans for another mini bike tour this summer, plans for Devil's Path and the Presidential Traverse up in the Whites.

Guess I'm diversifying my activity portfolio. LOL

Gonna go crank out a couple hours on the Emonda! YAY!!!


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It’s okay to take a step back. You were in pretty deep. Find the balance.


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Much excite to see you back around these parts..... Didn't you recap that rescue situation somewhere? I feel like I read about it already. Maybe I'm confusing it with one of those Everest movies.

Balance..... That's the name of the game. Let me know when you find it, and how.

CX drillzzzzzz start next week.


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Glad to see someone else love cold snowy winters. Shit sounds intense.

Did u plan on leaving bikes or did it happen organically.

So now you look to cycling as a way to stay in shape until you can get back to winter adventures?
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