Heckle-cation the other months of the year.

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You bring new meaning to the term SUCK

Well, after a rather successful CX season and a month and a half of hibernation it's starting again. The beard came off a week and a half ago, and I'm a new man.

In this shining new thread I will share the wonderful other 8 months of the year outside of cyclocross. I will cover mountain, road, life, nutrition, training, hobbies, adventures WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE.

Were do we stand? Early December I made an impulse purchase and picked up a power meter. I snagged a used Garmin and HRM so now I will have more data then I know what to do with.

I rode the trainer last night for a whole hour. This was my first run with the power meter, cadence and HRM. Super fun to look at the numbers the whole time. It only took a few minutes at my normal comfortable pace to rev my heart up to 180. Final average ended up at 175. Whatever that means. Seems high, but I expected that.

Goals for this month:
Ease into the trainer over a couple weeks. Hopefully gain some control of my HR, get my legs back into the motion. Stretch a lot. Don't over do anything.

I'm visiting my buddy in West Palm Beach 2/25-3/2. The bike is coming and I'm planning on a few longer days to really kick off the season.


Look for me without the beard, I may have an orange megaphone and a camera. Say hi.


I know you all are wondering what I ate to make myself such a cat 3 cyclocross wizard. WELL I'm about to take you on a little adventure.

One word. Eggs. Eggs are my main protein. Why???? It's all about the bang per buck / convenience factor. I can get 4 meals worth of protein for 4.50 (I buy second to top shelf eggs), and they hold up for a few weeks. Super quick prep, cook time and clean up. One day I would like to own a few egg factories of my own.

Typical training season dinner: Half onion, half red pepper & broccoli cooked up in the pan and mixed with 3 eggs (1 yoke only) and prepared into one of several dishes including but not limited to omelettes, scrambles & frittatas. Add salsa if available. Serve. Recover.


Here is last nights two egg mostly white w/ salsa and broccoli. Net cost? Innexpensive. NOT cheap.


Where do you put all that cash you just saved? Into your student loans, more bike crap, records and your saving account because you are trying to buy a new car of course.

Welcome to the new adventure, please buckle up this is going to be a wild ride.

.....if not wild the vehicle will still be moving, so buckle up anyway.


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What helping out tomorrow? you have a bike, come ride with me.


Now that you have all possible data acquisition methods, I expect multi colored graphs and math! lots of math!


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In. I hope you don't focus on nutrition too much, this place is already full of fat guys eating way too healthy.

I just ate a bag of combos for lunch and now my tummy hurts.


you racing cat 1 this year right? wooooo weeee! hope you do some cool races.

oh, and mandi taught me how to make eggs myself, ive never felt so full from breakfast in my lyff


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dude just buy cheap eggs, there's no difference. In fact I can argue that organic free range gluten free brown eggs are shittier than a pallet of costco white eggs.
brown eggs are entirely a marketing ploy to get granola posers to pay more for eggs. most adults I know don't know why some eggs are brown and some eggs are white, but they are willing to pay more for brown eggs because of some insane and unfounded notion that brown eggs are "better"


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Yeah, brown eggs being better is junk.

Eventually you'll have kids. And eventually they will eat like 6 eggs at a time. Then it's fuck yeah math...wait, I mean fuck yeah Costco eggs. And 2 of the 3 kids don't really even like eggs that much. I can't imagine what feeding this army is going to cost when they are all full consumption machines.

And eat the yolks. People starving and shit and you pull out the white only? Do you use the yolk to smear on your face to help your complexion?


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You bring new meaning to the term SUCK
I will admit to buying brown eggs because my mom only bought white eggs. I would be concerned for my health if I ate all the yokes to all the eggs I consume. But then again that could just be superstition.

I also don't make pasta for myself because it was on the menu 3 nights a week when I was a kid...

SIDE NOTE: Mandi (if you're out there), do you have a recipe for whatever that shrimp vegi thing was I saw on IG?!

EDIT: and yes Cat 1 MTB, and yes to short track, though I think that was asked in "The Heckle Report."


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I love me some eggs. I buy the 24 pack of organic brown eggs from Costco and I really feel like I can taste the difference. They taste... creamier? I don't know if it's possible or not, but my stomach likes them. When you do the math they're only .29 per egg. Not many things that you can buy for that cheap. Luddddattt.


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SIDE NOTE: Mandi (if you're out there), do you have a recipe for whatever that shrimp vegi thing was I saw on IG?!

Last night was one of those I don't feel like cooking dinner kind of nights.

If you don't own a Veggetti or Spiralizer, buy one. I make "Zoodles" out of maybe 1-2 Zucchinis (3 if for two people). Heat up a pan with EVOO and garlic. Toss in shrimp, cook, then remove from the pan. Add more EVOO and garlic, but this time add halved cherry tomatoes. Once I cooked them down a minute, I added Crushed red pepper flakes and then I tossed in my Zoodles. I only cook them for about 1 to 2 minutes, tossing them the whole time. Added my shrimp again right before I pulled it from the heat. Donezo.

I'm all about super fresh and cheap meals. I buy all of my meats in bulk, portion, and freeze them. Other staples are peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, spinach, avocado, green beans, lemon/limes, and herbs. I feel like I could make a thousand different meals with those veggies and they're all pretty cheap to buy weekly.

If you want more low carb ideas... try chicken or turkey meatballs with a rustic tomato sauce, over zoodles. That's my favorite because I haven't had real pasta in forever.


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There is a camp that argues that the yellow part causing cholesterol issues is minimal. They also say that the yellow part contains the most nutrition ever, esp if you don't cook it too much, i.e. sunny side up, over-easy.
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