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The head shock on my Cannondale F400 is busted- the guys at High Gear are sending it back to have it fixed or replaced (and have been nice enough to swap out a loaner fork for me- which is awesome! :) ) Anyhow, I definitely do not ride hard enough to actually break a shock- it's leaking fluid and doesn't lock out- thoughts on this? Is this abnormal or usual for the head shocks and lefties?
Usual.... Cannondale forks require a lot more TLC then most people are willing to give... I have to send my lefty in for it's winter rebuild sometime in the next few weeks.
I blew the oil seals last night riding. My fork is covered in oil. Blew the seals on the air cartridge not to long ago. Yea they need some love, but they freakin rock
I blew the oil seals last night riding. My fork is covered in oil. Blew the seals on the air cartridge not to long ago. Yea they need some love, but they freakin rock

Damn, still having issues after Blue? That was bad, I still remembering that crash (Although maybe that wasn't fork related).

I'm thinking more and more about running a headset converter next year with a fox f32 100 RLC...
What kind of TLC?

The reality is that they don't need that much service.

Read any manual from any shock company and literally NO ONE does the recommend service.



Maintenance of your fork is important to your safety and to the useful life of the fork. Frequent inspection by you and regular professional service by your Cannondale Dealer can help ensure years of safe/trouble-free operation.
Clean and visually inspect entire fork for cracks or damage. Things that can indicate a serious problem:
(1) Unusual “klunking” or knocking noises
(2) changes in travel
(3) Over-extended or compressed boot
(4) Changes in the way the fork
has been working
(5) Loss of adjustments features.
(6). Sudden air loss or leaking fluid.

If you experience any of the above conditions, have the fork inspected by your Cannondale Dealer before riding it.
Before and After Each Ride

Before and After Each Ride

Every 2 months

BOOT REPLACE (Annual renewal suggested)
As Needed

Inspect and disassembly of telescope and races, bearings, main telescope parts, damper cartridge, fluids, etc.
RACE: Every 6 months
NORMAL: Annually
The seals in the oil cartridge were all chewed up. I dont think they have every been replaced. All back to normal thanks to the power of chris at the shop. Im gonna give it a go myself next time. It really isnt that tough to do.
You didn't have that rough of a time putting it back together,did Chris help with the break down?
i know how to pull it apart and sort of put it back together, but the whole assessing part i was clueless. Yea he put it back together...:D
I think its easier to let J or Chris at Halters do it, I have had a few rebuilt by them, that shock is smooth as silk when they are done with it!!

With a headset and stem of course right? ;) Oh decisions...

And loads more flex for the trouble.

The fox is a sweet fork but I have rarely seen anyone prefer the ride over a lefty if given a fair shot at it. (like actually doing some trail time).
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