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  • Dan,
    A good place to start for our local trails, is 10% below rider body weight, with the suspension on 4.5" Travel. 25% overall sag in front and rear will suit you well at Allaire/Hartshorne.
    hey i was in the shop last thursday ( i think ) i have the green etsx 30, i bought from tony, anyway you were talking about air pressure in the suspension. could you refresh my memory on what is ideal for trail riding? i think you said ten over in the shock??? if you could help id appreciate it!!! and what sag setting would be ideal up front and in back thanks..


    Rocky like any other bike company does not cover dents. These are due to crashing or other user induced trauma. This is not something that is the result of poor manufacturing. However, their warranty is outstanding on defects, etc.
    how is rocky mountain with frame warranty? i have a dent in my down not a hucker or crazy rider i just took a fall and put a dent in it. its not bad and doesn't effect the ride i just see it all the time and its annoying. i love the bike and want it to be in great shape. if you can get back to me with what you think that would be great. thanks...dustin
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