Happy Birthday Mergs!

Have a great one Mergs! Hopefully you are getting time on some snow or dirt today :D
I'm going to sneak out for my first mtb ride of '08 today. Thanks, everyone. :)
fuck happery!

i'm raising my brooklyn black chocolate stout in your honor right this very second mergs.
1st ride of 2008:confused::confused:
Are you the only one at JORBA working? Everybody else seems to be riding this year except you! Give 'em something to do :D

Happy Birthday!
I will be raising all 4 of my Youngs Chocolate Stouts very soon. Happy Birthday!!!

I'll hoist a honey porter, or 4? This is the beer post right? ....what?.....yeah,......ok,......Oh yeah,that's why I'm drinking right now, Happy Birthday Mergs!
Mergs, Happy birthday You can be sure that while you are out working hard for us that we will drink beer to you!
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