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I lent out my Rush a month ago so all trails have been ss friendly to me too.

Any ride where you have to walk 4 times or less within 20 miles is a friendly ride. (I just made that up but I like it)..


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i have been riding my SASS for about 2 months now, not exclusively but I have about 150 miles on it.

I cleared the entired climb up to the radio tower today at KVSP for the firs time. Like I said I split my rides between my SASS, Epic and road bikes so I was incrediblly happy when I made it to the top. This is of course on the single track not the gravel road


Jdog, Thanks for your help today and it was good talking with ya. I'll be checking the hub out tomorrow. Hopefully next weekend I can make it down there and check out the shop and some trails. :cool:

Whats SASS and SISS mean ??


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Triple-B said:
Whats SASS and SISS mean ??

B*tch*in Orange Single Speed (orange)
Bad Ass Single Speed (lime green)
Butt Ugly Single Speed (brown)
Steel Idiot! Single Speed (primer grey)
Disc Integrated Single Speed (matte black)
Celeste Ugly Single Speed (Celeste)
Shiny Ass Single Speed (chrome)
Pink Ugly Single Speed (Pink)
Gene's Ugly Single Speed ??? (Yellow)
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