GOAL—450 miles by 9/1 At least 150 in the woods. (7/27 start)


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Interesting. I’m in Stowe this weekend also.

On the way to hike Mansfield now. Where’s dinner? They were talking about the wood fired place. Send me a DM if you want to exchange Coronavirus germs with our friends & family.
If the wood fired place is Piecasso, it’s ok. We went to the sunset grill last night it’s on cape cod road, it’s also ok. Harrison’s is great, but we couldn’t get a reservation. Good luck. It was weird eating inside a restaurant for the first time since March.


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About 200 on the road and 100 and change in the woods. I didn’t hit the goal, but it’s definitely more miles in that time frame in 15-20 years. Now I need to add eating well with this. I actually gained 10lbs, but I ate terribly and sucked down way too many beers/wines.


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Ok, I am now done. Final numbers:

Hikes: 12
Road rides: 25
MTB rides: 16
Total: 53

Hiking: 49.4
Road: 650.78
MTB: 197.94
Bike total: 848.72

Notable Things
* Hiked the 2 highest mountains in Vermont, Killington & Mansfield, with the family
* Hiked Blueberry Mountain in Maine, also with the family
* Saw the Stowe Pinnacle Dogs in person (just yesterday)
* Did a metric century in there
* Crashed at Nassau and pretty much tore the cartilage from my ribs - this still has not healed
* Biked 10 times in Vermont, 5 times in New Hampshire, and once in NJ
* Fixed my stepson's bike 18,733 times in this stretch

Thanks for posting @roc - was a good motivator.


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July 27 - Sept 7

Total Miles 785.4
MTB Miles 50.83
Climb Feet 21,139
Time 59 Hours 31 Minutes

I knew the MTB would be an issue as I've been very conscious of avoiding destination locations as I'm taking care of older folks. Did keep my daily streak going and currently closing in on 4 months.