Go Lance GO

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I don't know whether to LOL, or :puke:

Ever notice how most of his girlfriends/wife are slender blondes? ;) Just like his Mommie Dearest?

[:rolleyes: Sorry, that's what a good 8 mile mtb ride does to me,....my insomnia gets worse, and it raises my adrenalin and endorphins and I get sarcastic at 3 in the morning :eek: ] Apologies all around.


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i was wondering what the hell you were doing posting at 3am....

lance armstrong and little stephanie taylor. ::shudders::


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that is crazy, your telling me he can't score some that weighs more than 90lbs


The guy is just having a damn good ol time.

Meanwhile the Grammercy is about the coolest place on earth. Super chic bar with pieces by Haring, Hirst and Basquiet all over the place. Making out with a cute little chick at that joint seems surreal.


El Guac-Oh
which is which?!?!?

:hmmm: :hmmm:

doesn't matter...not my "cup of tea"


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photoshop can even make me look good. anyone remember the Barbie Twins?

i agree with El Z, not my cup of tea.


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At the risk of sounding like I'm judging a piece of meat...the second pic doesn't really look a whole lot better. The girl on the left (no idea who is who here) looks as if she has a thousand yard drug-induced stare going on. These kids were kinda doomed by being TV "stars" so early on.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
I assume that's for those of us joining your Saturday ride so we know what you look like?
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