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This should be a required reading. Is there a way to make so that anyone wanting to join must view this?:hmmm:


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My work filter blocks this video (and most other cool non-work related stuff too!) and I don't have another laptop to view. I know that's pretty lame, but is there a way you can briefly summarize what's in the video?


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It's a play on 1950's educational videos that jokingly tells you what to and not to do in a forum. Pretty well done.
we've all been there and made the same stupid mistakes that can be avoided by heeding the advice in this video. welcome to mtbnj and the intermaweb.

Newb here.
Happy to be on board. Like the instructional video. Look forward to all of the knowledge I will gain from this site. I am new to the sport of mtb as well. Hooked already. Look forward to enjoying myself, and sharing experiences here.


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New to the form, and I just wanted to say "hi" . Also I would like to say "thank you " for all the hard work that so may people on this form put into the trails !!!!! I just back into the sport last year and have been enjoying many trails around the state . This year I plan to help out for sure at some T.M. ... Thank you . I love this form as well