what if once you got the ball, you had to run back to the start, dodging people along the way, to score the point. hence, giving the slower people an oppertunity to tackle you and stuff...
uh, no, that would make no sense. survival of the fittest. if it's made so that less capable people have a chance, it's not a sport.
w/e. still kinda sounds like it would just turn into a race. just though if u add the road back, you can have more specific positions for players. for example, you could have a defensive end (not neccisarily worser players) that would intercept the runners. it's still survival of the fittest, because the point scorer would have to have speed and agility to dodge the other players as opposed to just outrunning them.
i'm not trying to change your game, and if it works it works. my 2 cents
what about some kind of gaol like on old school american gladiators...and the championship game is played at CR...jk...but instead of crossing a finish line there should be goals...kinda like garbage cans but not sure how it would work but its an idea...
badgers will not be allowed to start with human racers. they will have to start ten seconds behind them.
serioously guys. this is a totally serious thread....

not drunkyball today because you are all too scared of the drunkyball to respond.:getsome:
Reasons why I cant play:

1. I have to cut my grass
2. I have to change my oil
3. I have to cut my hair
4. I have to wash the dishes

Looks like im all tied up today....:D
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