cranks: Race Face Evolve XC cranks/bb


entirely thrilled
Manufacturer: Race Face
Product: Evolve XC singlespeed cranks/bb
How Long Used: @1 year
Similar Products Used: race face turbine lp, kooka, profile, ac, shimano, fsa, truvative(seems like alot, but this is over 15 years of riding and at least a dozen different bikes)
Overall Rating [1-10]: 2

Positive: they never actually fell completely off the bike.

Negative: driveside crank loosened up repetitively from the get go. they're fairly complicated(pain in the arse) to set up, with a bunch of different washers/shims for both sides. the bearings wore out pretty quick compared to basically every other bottom bracket i've used. a couple of plastic seals/spacers broke, and one plastic shim that sits between the spindle and the left hand cup broke as well recently, causing play in the spindle with the arms and cups tight.

Comments: i worked full time as a mechanic(not assembler) at a shop for more than three years, and installed these with the help/supervision of a mechanic with more than 20 years experience. so far race face wont own up to the problem and is trying to blame me. luckily the distributer is a little more level headed, but i wont be buying or running any race face products for some time after this fiasco. the extractor cap on the drive side kept loosening during riding, which caused the crank to sit loosely on the splines, despite the bolt being tight. why is an extractor cap holding the arm in position?? this isn't always immediately noticable, and riding with a wobbly crank eventually messes up the bearings on that side. not that the bearings on the other side feel that smooth either.


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I had the Singlespeed version of this crank do the same thing. It turned out that the crank was just a defect. Race face took good care of me and sent me a new one with no ??'s asked.

I cracked the plastic washers on the driveside which was sort of a pain. now i have the DH BB instead and all seems better for now. I have since realized that a Shimano XT BB will work with these arms. If this bb goes bad I will try that.

I didn't find it tricky to setup but I did origianlly have a defective crank which was a bummer.

These arms are stiffer that the XT octalink that i had before. This is good on the singlespeed.

3.75 out of a possible 5 points for me.


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Cranks are OK but the BB is totally worthless.

I found out that the XT BB will work so I am going to try that next.

I just got a pair of 180mm XT Hollowtech 2's to try the longer arms on my new SS. If I dig them I will end up with them on both SS's..

Raceface has a good warranty system but the BB on this crank has poop for seals...

I still think they are nice cranks...

Oh yeah I bent the spider a bit too but since it is on a SS it doesn't matter a bit.

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My Raceface Evolve X-type bottom bracket bearings failed after 1/2 a season -- the seals on the bearings are BAD!!!! I got the downhill version of the BB next from Cycleworks and they failed, too. The seals are terrible.

The interior spline on the cranks also failed due to spalling (an area where you should never fail). I don't think I will be getting any more of these type of cranks.

I changed to the Shimano LX Crankset with the exterior BB and they have been working great. At least the seals are still holding up after a season!


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I rode the 180mm XT Hollowtech 2's this weekend and really loved them.

I think the real issue is that the raceface crank has no preload adjustment. Either they are too tight or too loose.

Most often too tight.

The bearing seals are shit.

I was going to get some Phil wood bearings that can be installed into the RF bottem bracket but I am in no rush now.

basically it is hard to beat shimano at cranks.

don't even bother..

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