Clayton Park Conditions

Any thoughts on Clayton today, Sunday 6/23? I expect the field at the bottom of the hill by the pond will be bad and that is easy enough to avoid. Just want to get some spinning in outside as it is so beautiful but if it is too wet
Agree- I plan on going tomorrow unless it continues to rain all night. Place has been really dry . Just watch the fields at the bottom of the Hill- although the grass is high I suspect there will be some puddling there.
I went last Friday and I went again yesterday morning. There's a tree that must've fallen in the past week because it wasn't there last Friday. I'm terrible with trail names but it's by one of the bridges. Someone set up some log piles on either side though so you can go over it on your bike. I was too gassed though so I walked it over :/

Other than that the rain has really helped because the trail was great.
Rode this past saturday, its getting squishy by the west side fishing pond again so be careful there. The rooty DH trail that goes west from the parking lot, skirts the farm field and loops you back by the pond basically dumps you into a mud bog so get ready to take it in the face. :p If your bunny hop skills are on point, you can boost the top of the drop and clear that mud and land in the grass. But the rest of the trails are noyce.