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Did a bit but cut it short. It was pretty wet in all of the usual spots and wet and soft on a lot of the ascent/descent spots, which as you know is a lot of chimneyrock. Yellow and orange were the best but I’d stay away for a couple more days.
Didn’t bother with blue. It was the right decision.


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Rode the whole park except lower Blue and White because they always suck. Red was like 60% good, but the parts that were bad I was literally stuck behind like 50 hikers so what's one more track?


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Rode there tonight.
Ballfields, black, yellow, orange, red, white.
No blue.

Conditions are really good. Get out there and ride, but not tomorrow when it's raining.

Also if you've ridden here in the last month or 2, especially in less-than-ideal conditions, consider going to the TM this weekend:


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4/21 5pm update: Storm completely missed CR, so it's mostly good to go except for previous mentioned problem areas.

Also want to mention that stone was laid down from the entrance at CR RD to the fence openings at the top. The park is doing this at the request of law enforcement after the 2 deaths in the cliff area last year. Basically they want easier access in case of emergency's. I believe more work is coming to get even closer, though not sure exactly what that is. Really not a big deal IMO, as it doesn't effect any of the single track, so not going to worry about it.


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Rode at CR last night, everything but blue and white. Conditions overall very good , with water and mud in the usual spots.
Also, too many hiker-created go-arounds for the ‘usual spots’ especially on red and yellow.


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Anyone know if CR was hit by the rain last night, was hoping to possibly go there on way home from work at about 4:30ish.

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