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Small local car show - best part was our friends up the street (and the owner of the white 2019 RTR mustang) are fully vaccinated and out again after 1 year of hibernation. His wife was very vulnerable so they weren't taking any chances.

A ridiculously loud early 70s vette showed up but left before I returned from dinner.

PS Mike from jersey (Morristown area) owns the red 69 Mach I R-code. That guy goes to 3 car shows a week!






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Took yesterday off and installed a downpipe on the VW. I'll have to log it and look at the numbers but it feels like boost comes on a little earlier and the midrange is a little stronger. I still have the stock resonator and mufflers so it's quiet. It went from "are you sure this thing has an engine?" to "Oh, I guess it does." Internet Wisdom is that there is not much to gain by messing with the mufflers.

I also finally installed a hitch to use with a new 1up rack a couple weeks ago. One of those things that are so great I'm a little irritated at myself. "Why didn't I do this the day after I bought the car?"



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My friend John picked up his wife's new Model 3 Performance this morning. I drove him up to the Springfield Tesla store (? distribution center? I don't know what they call it).


The car was sitting outside, ready to go but locked with no obvious way to get in. It turned out that they expected him to sign in on his Tesla app, accept delivery, and the car was his. Um. No. After some discussion, they changed his pickup type so he could get in the car and check it out. Everything was great though. No issues. We saw another new 3 that looked just terrible. Both front doors were super tight against the fenders with big gaps to the rear doors. This wasn't nit picking - it jumped out at you at first glance.

Anyway, interesting non-event picking up a $59k car. John didn't care but I can see some people would want more of an experience. I don't know how much of it was COVID-related vs. just the way they do business new.

The 3 replaces an early P85+ S that he's sick of repairing. The last straw was a $4k estimate to get the heater working. He fixed it himself with a $140 ebay'd part. He would have preferred a Taycan but his wife thinks P-cars are too fancy. That, and the charge network isn't as robust.

First report is that he likes it better than the S. His S was RWD so not nearly as quick as the new car.
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