Car-spotting thread


Captain Wildcat
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I'm looking on my phone but I'm fairly certain it's a 1957 oldsmobile judging by that rear axle and front bumper / fender

Once the trail that leads to the woods road where this car is located is cleaned up, I'll bring you over there for a closer inspection.


Team Workhorse
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ok so now that im back in front of my computer and can see this in full size...So like right off the bat, the fender/bumper make it really easy to tell that its a tri five GM car...(55, 56, 57 chevy, olds, pontiac, buick)..Def. not a chevy bumper, they are easy to spot, so its one of the others....I missed the little light under the headlight at first.....its actually a 55 oldsmobile.


Sport Bacon
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BIL of a guy I work with opened a new detailing shop in Flemington after moving back from Silicon Valley. He is partnering with Garden State Motor Club. If the weather is good, I plan on being there. Maybe a short cruise before or after?

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