Car-spotting thread


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Some random cars I've seen lately. That volvo is 300 hp awd stock.


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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good wax or ceramic coating of some kind? Trying to give the car a coat before the winter and don’t know where to start with all the options out there
I have been using McGuires "hybrid ceramic " wax this year ...and I am loving it !!! ....very easy to apply and leaves a super high gloss


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Not really car spotting since this is in my driveway. Not really DIY because the 21 year old did it not me.

He decided he liked the blue logos from the hybrid model sonata because it matched the T on the 2.0T logo. So he ebay’d some OEM logos and replaced them.

Then with all the front plate discussions I remembered that after he got into a minor fender bender a few months back (He got hit by someone ) he Was able to get his front bumper replaced and painted and he didn’t want to drill any holes in his new one so he got some kind of front mount that clips to the grill sections. The off center kills my ocd.



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I looked at this beauty yesterday morning. It was the nicest used car I'd ever seen. He was basically a more OCD, older version of me. I didn't think that was possible. It was not brutually fast, but it was pretty damn quick for a 4000 pound SUV and the air suspension was fantastic, as was the PDK. These have some sort of cult following because the newer ones have a smaller displacement motor with less torque off the line. Other than a few chips in the lower front fascia (no PPF!), it was as new. Worth his asking. With no warranty, we discussed running it through the dealer (he ordered a 2021 Cayenne Coupe Turbo for $150K) as a trade and CPOing it for $4500. They are apparently reliable and this had meticulous service records, and $4500 is expensive for 2 years of B2B coverage. He had already done a PPI and it was clean. No timing chain cover oil leak and the transer case was fine (and covered under an extended Porsche warranty).

After an hour of talking, I offered $35,500 straight up, no worry of the dealer getting involved. I felt that left a little buffer for future maintenance, possible repairs, etc, along with the $4500 staying in my pocket. It's probably worth near $40,000 non-CPO on the right day to the right buyer, but it was a WANT vehicle not a NEED vehicle for me. It had many options I would never order myself, that were cool but didn't really change the driving experience, so I was split on the purchase. It stickered at $89,100 in 2015 and a new one so equipped is $106,000. Which is pretty insane. He said he'd consider it but wanted a few days as he had lots of calls on it. An hour later it sold for full asking of $37,500.


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Near the end of my ride yesterday Ort farms in Long valley had tons of people at the farm. When the boys were younger we had all 3 of them in those trucks it’s fun when they are that age like 8-12 or so.

Stopped to take a few pics cause I love the sound of open headers and American muscle.



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I looked for a used one briefly not long ago. It's pretty but blah for msrp. Never drove one but I can only imagine that it's a beast.
But wow even a 2015 Tesla doesn't depreciate that fast!