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The single-track is usually good in my experience east creek trail though is usually hard hit by rain and poor drainage but hey it is flat no where for the water to go
That being said I will be there this Saturday if anyone wants to ride


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Conditions report: I always start from east creek lot on 347 but knew both side of east creek would be bad with all the standing water everywhere so I took the sand road in from a little up fro the lot then jumped back on east creek and took to 2 which was in excellent shape after 2 headed to 1 which had some wet spots at the beginning I had to tip toe around then further in there was a flooded section I had to bushwhack around the rest was good then on to the 2nd section of 2 which was also good then on to 3 there was some dampness here and there and 1 big flooded area that I had to bushwhack around
Thx to the people that do/did all the cleaning up recently and also looks like east creek has been cleared also again thank you


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Great ride report, thanks. Waiting for it to dry out a bit more; last time I was there, this happened (see pic). Several flooded sections, it was pretty awful, but still fun TBH. Sound like it wasn't quite as bad for you today as it was for me.

Also thanks for explaining what you do when you encounter impassable water. Was wondering. I don't mind a little bushwhacking but need to be sure I've got plenty of Permethrin treated gear on. Pulled a tick off my gear today after riding my home trails, that has NEVER happened before (I have never had to wear bug-treated gear there). Maybe a bad tick season ahead?

Definitely keep me posted as you think about rides there, looking forward to connecting.


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