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Ok. Thanks. On Saturday I was reading the other thread about the conditions of the trails and you posted "Jim c gets all the credit for the trail being in the shape its in right now, hes been through with the mower and kept the trees in checkand when the ground freezes up it is awesome...couple of wet spots (mostly in firecuts) but for most part stays pretty dry...."" so I thought the trails must be dry and OK to ride when there are a couple of "wet spots" like you mentioned. But now I know to stay clear of that trail. It's all good. Thanks again.
My wife and I walked some of 123 to see if that huge tree that came down this summer needed some attending to and we did some removal of some minor dead fall on Saturday. Seemed relatively dry. Been many years that I have wanted to ride the East creek trail, like since the late 90's, just never thought it was appealing. And of course the one day I decided to check it out.... Quite a few hikers on the East creek trail. Not a fan of riding through puddles and I know the IMBA rules and such, been riding/racing since the late 80's but I was already half way into the ride on the east side but by the time I got 347, I took Narrows road (dirt) and headed back staying off of the west side of the trail to get out of it.
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Unless it doesn't rain for 6 months a few parts of east creek are always under water and im ok with that there's ways around it
That being said I'm riding there this Saturday around 11am if anyone wants to join
Start from lot on 347


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Trails in decent condition, 123 dry, normal leaf cover. Saw some mud holes but did not appear to be on the actual trails at all. Some areas not passable with big limbs down. Found other ways to go (sorry I don’t know exact spots).

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