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anyone have any reccos for base layers? i had a pair of under armour heat gear tights that seemed to be good. any others? patagucci? peral izumi? whatever is on sale at pricepoint/nashbar/performance?? thanks in advance.



My GF just bought me some Pearl Izumi tour tights and I took 'em out on Sunday. It wasn't too cold at LM on Sunday, probably 40 or so but they worked great. My legs didn't get hot at all - just nice and cosy.

I'd also be interested in recomendations for tops. I heard someone say that a regular biking jersey could act as an underlay since it would wick away sweat - I might try that under warmer clothing over the weekend or something...


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I wear an UnderArmour mock turtleneck that keeps me nice and toasty and wicks away the sweat. On very cold days, I wear an underarmour tee-shirt under the mock turtle.

I picked up a few of each at Dick's.

Mock turtleneck

UA Tech t-shirt - this one feels like cotton, but it actually wicks away moisture. I wear this a lot when I play hockey, and my shirt is dry after a game, unlike a reg. cotton tee which would be soaked.


I just bought a pair of Pearl izumi tights and they worked great. It was around 30 degrees and all was well.

I would also recommend Nike cycling clothing. There Dri Fit stuff is great.


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on my legs, anything works. if it's below 45, i usually wear my knickerbockers, to cover my knees. below 25ish, i wear knickerbockers with shorts over them. below 15 it's tights and shorts.

for top layering, i just wear a bunch of jerseys/ long sleeve, short sleeve, synthetic, wool. whatever combination works for the day.
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On top- any combo of helly hansen, nike, under armor, etc that I've acquired over the years.
For the legs- I have a pair of nike running pants, the baggy-ish tight style. These are fine down to about 35F. Anything colder than that I wear the nike's, plus a pair of $12 Champion polypro long johns from Target.


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today i was out and i wore my craft base layer. its short sleeved w/ some kinda moisture wicking stuff and a wind proof front. Over that i wore a "winter" cycling jersey and a windbreaker type jacket. I was very comfortable.

Down low i wore leg warmers, shorts and a bib knickers over that.

i was out for a bout 2 hours and it was 30 degrees.

When its colder than that i have a bunch of under armour cold gear mocks that i will throw underneath the base layer and that does the trick. I come out soaking wet.

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As far as base layer tops I wear the Craft WS (wind stopper) long sleeve or Craft Crew long sleeve depending on how cold it is. If you invest in a really good jacket you can eliminate the need for a long sleeve jersey. As far as bottoms go I use the Craft ProDri if it is really cold. This time of year I usually wear a pair of bib knickers and a wind stoping pair of tights over the top ie Pearl Izumi Amfib. Base layers are key for riding in the cold. They take the sweat right off your body leaving you comfy and warm!


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I just got back about an hour ago from allaire, today I had a fox short sleeve base shirt on, a Pearl izumi zip up turtle neck, a Patagonia pull over fleece and a Pearl Izumi zip up jacket. Down below was two pairs of socks, some new balance runners pants and my azonic shorts.

All that stuff is pretty compressable so if I get to warm, Ill just stuff something in the camelback.


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Come on guys, let's keep it mature. I use them like Adam might use a fig leaf.

But seriously, base is a long sleeve coolmax I got from Campmor. On top of that short sleeve exercise fabric then long sleeve of the same on top. Really cold days I top it off with the Patagonia raincoat/windbreaker I had Saturday.


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jake - i have several tops of different weights/thickness from back in the day when i used to do field work, all synthetic/non-cotton, and they all wick well. These all came from eddie bauer, ems, campmor post holiday on sales. on top it is usually one of these, a long sleeve bike jersey and fleece vest. bottoms are a pair of cannondale fleece lined tights and padded biking shorts. a bacala under the helmet and i'm good in the woods - same stuff for x-country skiing, with the exception of wind proof pants over the tights (no padded shorts).
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