Any scotch/whisky drinkers in here?


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It had fluid because there were no overheating messages, either the unit failed or most likely fasteners we're NOT torqued down to specs, a lot of mechanic use an impact gun to tighten things up and do t care about properly torquing bolts down from which bolts become loose or snap. With Mercedes we have to replace most of the bolts and torque them down so catastrophic situation don't happen. I just got another loaner car and they promised me my complete cat will be fix, and if it's a Subaru issue, Subaru will take full responsibility too.

1920 prohibition style been on the list for a while 😉 I have not try it yet

Thats some hackjob skipping a torque wrench on something that critical. I'd be leery of that dealer going forward


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So I tried this last week, making science for @Captain Brainstorm
Not a fair fight at all, putting 9y/120* up against 12y/100*
Of course the heavy weight ran shit over.
The 12y was really smooth, and I’ll taste it on its own shortly.

Cracked this the other night.
Been a while. Did not disappoint.

And shoutout to the best neighbor ever @NeighborDan bringing me some birthday juice.
This will be cracked after dinner tomorrow.
Can’t wait to try it.

Happy thanksgiving ya goons!
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