All Girl Rides: save the dates


JORBA: Ringwood
April 25, Saturday - All Girl Pre-ride of the Campmor H2H Wawayanda Race course. Female racers all levels invited.

May 9, Saturday - All Girl Ride at Kittainny. Skills for all levels. After the kids race. This is a great ride for beginners!

More details to follow. :)


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Not trying to crash your party, but....

Will the course be marked so those of us that are estrogen challenged can figure out our way around too?


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Bummer I'll be in Tn @ the Cohutta Race on 4/25
May 9th is my daughter's BDay so I'll probably have to miss
I'll be thinking of you gals!


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Ellen I'm jealous I want to do Cohutta but we had to cancel due to John's hip. It is such a pretty course make sure you look around everyonce in a while!

Since we aren't going to be doing hundies this year I may try to get some of the H2H races in. I haven't done a race shorter than 6 hours in over 3 years! Probably would be good for me to join you on the pre ride :D

Got it on my calendar!
Both are on my calendar. Better have a well-stocked first aid kit. I've been known to fall a lot and dig gorgeous chainring marks into my shins :eek:
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