After the rain


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How are the trails after a rain storm along the 27 side of 6MR, muddy or does it drain relativley well?

Thinking about going after work around 615



Love Drunk
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Rode this morning and it is almost perfect. A few mud holes but the same ones as the last few weeks.... With today's sun it will be even better by the time you ride.


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was a good ride today, a few spots of mud, but much better than expected. hopefully the weather will hold out this week and not dump to much of the wet stuff on us, would like a few more rides this week

Dusty the Whale

the rain came down rt1 while on the way there it was only like 10minutes or so...we got to the wawa and the lot and cars were dry it didnt rain over ther as far as the trails had mud puddles right b4 the first bridge over the water that was beginner friend hit the dirt 2times going over the new stuff once was a nice thud but he was ok...

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