2008 Picnic


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Will there be a MTBNJ picnic this year? Sorry if this is old news but i did a search for 'picnic' and nothing came up.
September 26th. We actually just got the permit. It was scheduled for October but it conflicted with Pixychick's weekend plans so we moved it. :)
Yes, LM will likely always be the spot because it's in the middle.

This year we have the pavilion near the race start/finish, near the lake/pond/puddle or whatever you call it.
Crap, I wish I would have known that, we just made plans for that weekend.

cancel them. steve (shaggz) postponed his wife's birthday to make it. not the birthday party mind you, her actual birth date. she's now a full year younger and born a week earlier. :D
Not a chance, sorry but a night away from my kids (as much as I love my kids) with my wife on a one night cruise only comes around once in a long while....
Bag the cruise and take her on a full day adventure with the MTBNJ reulars. Still no kids so it's win-win (plus lose when the wife files for the divorce but 2 outta 3 ain't bad).
Last time I checked, this occurs every day. :p

Not sure about you, but I'm married 15 yrs...why do you think I'm getting all these road miles in at 6am?

The rundown is as follows:
Drop kids at 11am, on boat at 12 noon, back off boat at like 2pm next day. Now if you were saying that the picnic was on the 28th we could be talking trifecta.
Norm, Steve, Jake- is there going to be an official thread, or is this going to be it?

Same premise as last year?
Same premise. I imagine we'll do a more official thread and mass emailing sooner or later.
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