12/31 Trail Report...


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It is snowing here in Freehold, NJ at 12:30pm.

I was just on the phone with my bud who lives in Pompton Lakes, NJ near the end of the Cannonball Trail. He's got 4 inches on the ground and expecting 4-6 today and more on Friday.

Soooo...Look out your window...Tell us what you see and where you are located.

If you were on some trails in the last 24 hours, give us the down-low.


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I rode Allamuchy Tranquility this morning. I started about 8:00 am - it was snowing with a dusting on the ground and the trails hard and frozen. I ended the ride around 9:30 with about an inch of snow accumulated, and still lightly snowing.

I am in Madison now and there is just a light coating on the ground - no real accumulation to speak of...


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Dayton NJ, 10 minutes from 6-mile.......1:00pm snow stopped, air is getting colder
Accumulation; only dusted......
A bit windy


Last night we rode cannonball, took it from the top of sky line drive across 287 to the soccer field and back. It was all rideable, just heavy mud in alot of areas, especially across 287.


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Hillsborough at 3:15 sunny and windy. Dusting on grass and nothing on blacktop. I am near six mile and it should be frozen in the morning.


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Basking Ridge area, right between LM and CR. Nothing but dust. Trails should be fine tomorrow morning.


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Ringwood was firm and clear yesterday afternoon. Today at my house, 8 miles from Ringwood, there is about 3 inches of snow. Currently windy with brief snow showers. I've got studs mounted for a recon tomorrow.:)


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Round Valley should be just fine for the rest of the year.

Weather looks good for the trails around here.



Just got out of Allaire, .0367" accumulation. Expect a full lot in the morning.

The Allaire blizzard/snow squall dumped a full 1/8":cool:, so it's going to be frozen,fast and crunchy!:D

I wonder how much Hartshorne got? Anyone with a local report?

Lets ride, say a warmer :)11am NYD, who's in either Allaire or Hartshorne if conditions are good.

Post your preference.

Happy New Year



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I rode at Huber this afternoon. maybe 1/2 inch. maybe. never rode in a "snow storm" before. very cool. and the woods were beautiful.


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Rode around Round Valley today. Windy, cold and a good dusting of snow. No note worthy accumulation.

22* and windy in Dayton, NJ currently.


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I was at C-Rock last night and its pretty muddy on the west side of newmans. White rock area was were all the fun was at


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At work in Newark. No trails here. Shoot me.

carefull what you wish for.that wish comes true pretty regularly down there.
aside from that,the Tourne was perfect today.met 3 new friends that I turned on to the site.keep the family growing.
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