1. jdog

    2023 edition 31/31 / Halters cycles / MTBNJ Ride Every Day Contest For bragging rights and more. NOW with 21/31 option

    Here we are for yet another edition of the ever popular 31/31 This may seem like an easy task.. but trust me, it's tough. Here are the rules: You need to ride your bike every day, outside, for at least 1 hour The ride needs to be on Strava It's recommended to join THIS HERE GROUP on...
  2. theranch

    Mill Pond at Port Republic Trail Conditions

    The Mill Pond Trails are mostly clear, there are a few sections that need clipping and there is a pine tree down. The Bog Trails are clear on the north side of the Bog. The south side needs work. We cleared Barbed Wire and the Feeder trails...
  3. jdog

    6MR / 2017 NICA Loops / Middle School & High School

    We are holding our first NICA RACE ON april 23RD at 6mr. Here are the two loops (one for the High school kids and a shorter version for the Middle school kids): Have at it. To be clear there are some field...
  4. MannyL358

    Trail Builder - A JORBA Mini Doc

    A short I put together which will be played at the NEMBA Summit Conf. this April.
  5. Bleeder

    Jungle T-shirts for JORBA

    Check it out. This may or may not be a good idea. Jungle T-shirts Fundraising
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