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    “The Rules”. A point or counterpoint

    @Patrick @stb222 @walter Actually switched to a black/white/grey/red speckle on the bar tape to match the red hoods. I think the red hoods bring me the most joy out of any part on any bike I own, and I'm the only person that matters in that case so whatever. I've always loved the level of...
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    Peter Sagan Appreciation Thread

    Pete's face when Wout tells him that he's planning on making those blonde highlights into full on frosted tips
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    Vintage Campy Veloce square taper 10sp crankset

    Post pics/make thread plz. I have a Corbier P4 that I want to resuscitate, jealous of the UO-8
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    Ask Norm Next Tuesday

    too soon?
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    Ask Norm Next Tuesday

    Max is proof that we're living in a simulation. Buzzfeed makes lists. They call them "articles". They are decidedly not powerful. For next Tuesday: where do you buy clipboards? & how many do you have?
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    MTBNJ invades Kingdom Trails!

    I wish. Just me Staying Hydrated.
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    No one's perfect, I'll lead this parade...

    How do you know you got it all? Do you just go with the insurance wipe, or do you check the facts? Visual indicators? I think we need a poll...
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    Powers Announces Retirement

    I will miss him, but I'm glad he's going to be doing commentary. I know there are people who find him irritating or overbearing, but in general I think he's been really great for growing CX. JAM fund, Rapha-Focus, BtB - the dude really hustled. He self-admittedly had problems with travel to...
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    Ask Norm Next Tuesday

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    **The Official Fred-ish Thread**

    There was a narrow cold front moving through the area
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    Science is looking up

    aaaaaaaand scrubbed.
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    Science is looking up

    Falcon Heavy delivers ARABSAT-6A to GTO, launch window opens 8PM EST tonight. Triple booster landing - two on the Cape, one on the boat.
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    Generic Pro Road Cycling Thread

    "In a post-race interview with Sporza, Van Avermaet — Bettiol’s teammate at BMC Racing last year — expressed surprise that the Italian had won. “I know him a bit,” he said. “He was a great talent, but also a bit lazy. Last year he was too fat. Now he may have made that click and he will finally...
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