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    WTB: Titanium/Steel Road Bike/Frame 50-52cm

    I need this for a triathlon, so I prefer the whole bike, but I could take a frame swap out some stuff from my fixed gear (my only road bike) and borrow gears from friend. I'm hoping I get one fairly cheap. The missus does not support my expensive hobbies. Thanks in advance. Update: Went all...
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    Mens Tri-Suit

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    2010 50cm Polished Silver Dawes SST AL FG/SS Track Bike with Carbon Fork

    $330 Great bike, just not for me. Barely used. FG 49/15 comes with 15t freewheel. PM me for pics.
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    Video Gameage For Sale!

    pm sent
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    Video Gameage For Sale!

    Is the xbox similar to this package?
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    Almost New Shimano PD-M520 SPD pedals $30

    Bought them to compare with eggbeaters. Put them on my road bike and went for a 20 mile spin. PS, if you don't want the cleats I'll knock off another $5. SOLD!!!
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    Trail Etiquette

    Might as well get a unicorn.
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    Brick Bikes

    After the local bike shop experience or rather their lack of, Brick Bikes was a welcome change. Jason is experienced, professional and friendly. My bike and I couldn't be happier.
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    Allaire Beginner rides return !!

    Had a fun and somewhat humbling ride last night. Hope I get through that learning curve quickly. Thank you all, especially Frank for saving my neck by the roots. Kal
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    Wow! Thanks for all the replies. The $10 distortion was something I hadn't thought of before. I was also wondering whether there's a difference as to how they shatter if they ever happen to shatter. Whether the cheaper one leaves sharp edges while the more expensive ones come loose perhaps. I...
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    I've had this nagging question for sometime now. Here are the two extremes from the same website; $10 vs. $170. Besides the most obvious question, (why?!?) is there a functional middle ground? The purpose of course is eye-protection. I've had my cheeks and forehead snagged by branches a few time...
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    Clipless pedals yo!

    May not work that well. The way I understand it, downstrokes work one set of muscles mainly the quadriceps, upstrokes work another mainly the hamstrings. If you're using platforms (without straps or clips) you're working only one set of muscles. Switching to clipless will have only marginal...
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    Do Eggbeaters Accomodate SPD Cleats?

    Thanks. That's what I thought. Here's the thread for s&g I might have read it incorrectly they might be talking about the shoes.
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