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    Allaire Conditions

    Ok, @Mitch Thanks. Probably not worth the trip. I was wishful thinking it would be cold and frozen.
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    Allaire Conditions

    Can any of you local early birds provide a snow total update please? I planned on heading down before daybreak. Thanks!
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    Telemark Trails Description

    That's my go to ride just about every weekend. Plus add the No Man's Land between White Meadow Lake and Snake Hill and you've got a Grand Slam!
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    Group Ride Jungle Saturday 7/24

    Posting up- I can make it! Chiming in- I can help lead or sweep anything but a hammer group!
  5. John Baumann

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    In for some fun!
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    Tourne Trail Build Thursdays

    Weekdays better for me too, IN!
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    Volunteers Needed: Tourne Adopt-A-Trail Program

    Good seeing you today Frank. And, major kudos to this program and all involved! All the trails were the cleanest I've ever seen!
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    Allaire Conditions

    Thanks for the update Frank, you saved me a trip and I'm not close.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    Rockaway Twp. Morris County but thanks anyway. I liked the guy who did me last time who is in Wayne but it takes a month to get an appointment.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    I'd been doing pretty good lately, until yesterday! I had two nasty falls on what would typically be a routine walk in the park for me. Anybody who knows me knows I'm no stranger to a little blood but the elbow won't stop bleeding and when I hit, the arm bone must have jammed into the shoulder...
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    New trail Odin's Ladder

    Right off of Banana Hammock, pretty early on from Darlington side.
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    New trail Odin's Ladder

    I came upon this today and was very pleasantly surprised! When did this happen? And, thanks to whoever's responsible!
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    Pick Your Bike For Wildcat

    I've ridden my Superfly there including Fugawe for several years quite satisfactorily. Still do once in a while, but I now prefer my Fuel EX.
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    Lake Telemark Re-route

    So, I was back up there today and checked it out: No need to take the "shortcut" when you can stay in the woods, plus the bridge approaching the carriage road is really fun!
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    Lake Telemark Re-route

    Thanks @JimN and thanks to whoever's building that shotgun trail. It's awesome! While there today, I saw the sign and trail but also noticed further up the shotgun trail crosses that woods road and goes down to the left. Where does that go to?
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