Where to fat bike this weekend?


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Ringwood had mixed results. Only fire roads where 4x4's or snowmobiles pack the snow down are ride able. Singletrack was still untouched. If it was just snowmobile tracks, the snow was still pretty soft underneath so some hike-a-bike. However when we got to Pierson's ridge we tried airing down and it was mostly fun and ride able headed back down. Probably a combination of lower tire pressures and speed.
how is riding the beach with snow? Anything worth writing home about?

Nice and hard where the water washed up hours before. I thought it may be better closer to the water but it was spongey. It was easier then I thought, but still kinda hard. Couldn't imagine in the summer when the sand is much softer and all the foot prints. But I'll be out there. This is from Spring Lake southend boardwalk. And I rode up to the second pavilion and back. About 3 miles. 5psi rear, 4 psi front.
I mean define something to write home about. I was OK. Riding north, ur into the wind, coming south, it's at ur back. No one was on the beach. Nice and flat and hard/crunchy. So I can't imagine it would ever be anything to write home about. I didn't ride up on a suitcase full cash or some drug dealers cocaine shipment. LOL