Where to fat bike this weekend?

Allaire was frozen goodness this morning. But the warm temps and rain moving in will make for trail damaging conditions this weekend.


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The gig on the magic snow is up. It is supposed to be around freezing tonight, so maybe can get something ok very early tomorrow morning.


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where is rideable?
Lewis and tourne normally get packed down pretty good from skiers and hikers. I haven't been to either since the snow but I'm trying one or the other sunday morning. We're supposed to get another 3 to 5 inches saturday so I'm sure there will be skiers out packing things down for us.


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So we checked it out, looks like most of the trails are packed, but at 50 degrees it was soft. I rode in a little but I was just cutting up the snow so we bailed. Over night with Temps at 24... Should be rideable in the morning.