Lewis Morris Conditions

Discussion in 'Lewis Morris Park' started by mcim29, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. MadisonDan

    MadisonDan Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Madison, NJ
    Cool. I slept in. Sounds like a good miss on my part.
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  2. muddybike

    muddybike Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Any word on trail conditions?
  3. that VW guy

    that VW guy Member

    Flanders, NJ
    Any updates on trail conditions? I'd love to make a trip here, don't want to muck up the trails though!
  4. RSabarese

    RSabarese Active Member

    I was there yesterday on a fat bike in the AM, it was messy and some trails had snow cover still. With the melting that occurred later a place more south may be a better choice.
  5. GHM73

    GHM73 Active Member

    Sunday morning 4/2 was great and was my first time there. A few little mud spots but overall good riding!
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  6. Robin

    Robin Well-Known Member

    Phlemington, NJ
    Overall trails good with some muddy areas in the low lying areas.

    I haven't been here in a while but lots of trees down.

    Also the main entrance off Mendham Rd. is closed so if you want to drive to the Sunrise lot you need to access via Sugarloaf Rd.
  7. gmb3

    gmb3 Active Member

    Rode Saturday late afternoon. Totally good to go! Just a few puddles here and there but overall great.
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  8. johnnyrides

    johnnyrides Member

    Central NJ
    Conditions at Lew Mo today were stellar. CAn't ask for better. Not my favorite place but a nice workout and good riding. Get some!
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  9. stilluf

    stilluf Active Member

    Westfield NJ
    ^^^^^ what he said^^^^^^^ Conditions early eve were fantastic!!
  10. stilluf

    stilluf Active Member

    Westfield NJ
    Also: a number of big trees down blocking the orange trail on the uphill from green (i.e. the tight switchbacks).
  11. MissJR

    MissJR Well-Known Member

    Morristown, NJ
    @Santapez and i went riding there yesterday... conditions are nice and dry in there...

    few notes:
    * we came thru jockey hollow area entrance but it looks like the main entrance is still closed.
    * still some large trees blocking trails (sounds like same trees that have been mentioned a few times now)
    * also looks like they filled in the washed out area on the fire road/yellow trail. some trees look to be cut down in that area too (assuming to get equipment in there since there were some large tire tracks)... anyone know details?
  12. icebiker

    icebiker JORBA: Morris Trails JORBA.ORG

    Haven't been there in a while. Thanks for the 411. I'll check it out and report the blow downs.
  13. stilluf

    stilluf Active Member

    Westfield NJ
    I'm a little bummed they filled in that washout. It was a good technical trying to up the narrow left hand side!
  14. MissJR

    MissJR Well-Known Member

    Morristown, NJ
    Went back today and it looks like someone cut a few logs blocking trails but not that really big one on the switchbacks.
  15. jumpa

    jumpa Well-Known Member

    Jersey City
    Might be riding Tom. If I do I'll send you pictures.
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  16. Tonggi

    Tonggi Active Member

    Skankville, NJ
    LEWMO was dry tuesday. After the rain today I am thinking itll be hero dirt. I am gonna go after work. Anyone near the place know any better?

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