fun Fridays ride 2018


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Here's today's riders at Wawayanda. I got my two hour ride in earlier in the park, and
then I met up with the group at 9:30 to say hi and wish them well on their ride.
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Fun ride. Had some rain early, some slippery conditions on the rocks and wet leaves. There is MUD. Will be nice to finish a ride some day and not have to totally clean the bike off. Good luck to the racers doing 2 laps!


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Did you check your hanger? It might be bent.

It was a great ride today.
Something is definitely bent. I’d get everything indexed perfectly then cycle through the gears and it would be completely out of wack again... honestly it was rideable but I wasn’t about to do a 16+ mile group ride with it and potentially ruin everyone else’s fun so I just went downhilling.... which also didn’t go so great lol.


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As long as you didn't die, it could have been worse.
I’ve been dead on the inside for years....

just total irony, really. Recently made a comment in a post that “I haven’t carried a spare tube since I went tubeless” and I completely obliterated a tire on like my second run at Creek today... go figure.


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Maaaannnn. I’m having bad luck with these Friday rides lately. Well, not really BAD luck this time as I’ll be chillin in Mexico... but damn, hate that I’m missing Jungle!