Camelback Bladder repair

Discussion in 'General Bike Talk' started by The Kalmyk, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. stb222

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    Somehow I wear through the bottom of socks, in the heel and under the big toe. To my knowledge, there isnt a nail here.
  2. Monkey Soup

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    North Jersey
    That's the lesson I learned from years of skiing with Lange RS130's. Keep those dragon claws clipped close or pretty soon there will be no nail to cut period.
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  3. Karate Monkey

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    Maybe you're the Toxic Avenger!?
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  4. rick81721

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    I tend to wear out socks in the heel too but I attribute to walking around the house just in socks
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  5. The Kalmyk

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    I got the message. Sometimes it's best just to move on. I just got my guy a new bag all together. I think I may have spent $20 (bladder and all) on the bag to the left. Eight years ago. He's got pockets and stuff now so he is straight.
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  6. Monkey Soup

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    North Jersey
    In related news, I have gotten myself a straight-up fanny pack (Source Hipster) that I will shamelessly be rocking ASAP. Review to come after some rides and hucks.
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  8. soundz

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    Fort Lee?
    pull them out

    The nail on a human corresponds to the hoof, claw or talon of other animals. It helps us to pick things up, a little bit but it's mostly an evolutionary leftover. Primates use their toenails to grip objects with, and we've outdeveloped that. In fact they're more of a nuscience than a use.
  9. huffster

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    But what about boogers and cocaine.:D
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