Your Vermont Top 15-ish Trails


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Cochrans is really fun. It's the first nonprofit ski area in the country, you park right in the lot at the base. Well marked and enough for a day. Winooski River close by for a dip afterwards, when there isn't apocalyptic flooding anyway. The Winooski Footbridge is a short ride or drive away if you like jumping off of things.

We wanted to connect to Chamberlain so didn't ride all of Cochrans that day. Chamberlain is fun too; town forest vibe and well marked/maintained with quirky shit placed throughout. You can do some pretty epic rides in that area, like connecting Carse, Hinesburg, Sleepy Hollow, Cochrans and Chamberlain if you wanted to do 10k+ feet and ride all day. Between those 4/5 systems you could fill a solid VT trip full of rides.


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Oh sorry, I misread and thought you hit day 5.

I had suggested you guys go to Green Woodlands & Rockland.
Ran into some folks a few times in Rochester who had high praise for the Green Woodlands trail system. Will need to check it out.


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I know this is a top trail list of VT but after recently coming back from a week long tour of VT, I'll add that part of the appeal for me is the - stuff to do after mtbing.

Also, riding every day for a week, I try to conserve my energy. For me Miles/fun is important, I have done some rides where I felt I put a lot of effort in but didn't come away with that post ride buzz.

Gettysberm & Wait What are both directional downhill trails that are a lot of fun. There is a central climb up to the top and these trails are at either end up top, so climb 2x and enjoy the ride. Gettysberm has the most perfect berm I've ever dropped into. These trails are about 1.5hrs of riding, which is a nice warm up for a week or provides a somewhat "easy day" with a lot of reward without too much effort. Afterwards there is a great swimming hole at Dorset marble quarry on RT 30. They charge $15/car load but if you ride in its free. The town of Manchester is close by and offers an old town feel with some restaurants and places to stay. There is also outlet shopping, however these types of stores are not what they used to be.

Sherburner Trail is another directional downhill trail. Its 3 miles, you climb gradually for half of it for close to 30minutes then you bomb down in 5ish minutes. The trail to it, Pesky Cairn is a fun connector as well. The rock work on these trails is amazing, these huge slabs come together for a smooth flow trail. I found the downhill to be fun enough to climb the uphill 2x for multiple runs. If you do the other Sherburne trails across the road you can get 2-3hrs of riding in. I'd avoid the Base Camp trail, its usually wet. You can jump on some road, RT4 and RT 100. If you park in lot on RT100 there is quick access to the fun stuff, doing Pesky Cairn to Sherburner is really good Miles/Fun. Base Camp Bike shop is on RT 4, they sell beer and bike stuff. Sadly after mtbing Killington is lifeless. There is no town, there is no vibe, there are a lot of restaurants, half of them are usually closed during the week. The ones that are open can be hit or miss. IMO this is an area built up by tourism but has a hollow feel like Pedros South of the Border.

Slave Valley is a bigger trail network comprised of two trail heads, Fairgrounds Trails and Endless Brook Trails. I was here in June and loved the organic feel of the trails. Last week I did a shuttle run, my wife dropped me off at Fairgrounds trailhead and I made my way over to Endless Brook trails and then down to Lake St Catherine. On paper this was supposed to be an awesome ride, while it was 3+hours of riding and close to 20 miles, I didn't feel any great reward, other then cruising down to the lake at the end and jumping in. I can't say the miles/fun ration was good on this ride, maybe I need to come up with a better route? There is not a lot to do in this area outside of going to the lake afterwards. There is a golf course across the street with a restaurant, which I've never been in, so I can't comment about the eats. As far as the town goes, its seems like a drive though and I never got the urge to explore it.

Perry Hill, this trail was a half mile from where I was staying, which made it easy access. The day I went, things were wet so roots and rocks where very slippery. I liked what I saw and would definitely go back in better conditions. The trails up top had that old school feel, where you felt like you accomplished something when you cleared a section. There are some flow sections but a lot of them are slow tech grinds, which can be fun too.
I wish I could have rode Cady and Adams in Stowe but they were closed, as rained moved in later in the week. As far stuff to do other then Mtbing, Waterbury really excels as a fun town with character. There is a weekly farmers market in the town square which has a band play, locals come out and enjoy it was well as tourists. The bars and restaurants are bustling and everyone is very friendly. Stowe, Burlington and Waitsfield are within a 30 minute drive and all offer good restaurants, and breweries . Stowe has a recreational paved bike path through town, which is the best way to check out the area. Despite the amount of car traffic in the area, drivers are very aware of bikes, which makes this the most bike friendly place I've ever seen.
In Burlington, there is Lake Champlain, which is really impressive to see such a large body of water in such near proximity to mountains. There is a sailing school on the lake, that rents sailboats, just pass the test and sail Lake Champlain. Aside from the lake its a big city feel, with a large market square to walk around, eat and shop. Its also a popular college town, if your kid goes there, you'll have a cool place to visit.
Needless to say, I plan to go back to Waterbury again. I'd like to check it out in the winter, there is good xc skiing nearby.

Mt Peg trail, I almost forgot this place. I only rode these trails once but was surprised with how diverse the place was. Cloud Drop is great machine built flow and then you have Schist Creek, which is a bit more raw tech downhill. I parked in town and climbed up to the Village trail and then traversed the mountain until I reached the bottom then took the road back in to town, which avoided climbing back up and over. Doing it this way felt like I got in some fun downhills without having to climb too much, so the Miles/Fun felt good. The town itself offers a lot of places to eat and drink, as well as Sugarbush farm to get cheese and maple syrup. I've xc skied here and love the vibe of the town, its a fun place to stay.
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My daughter says to add good night Irene in sugarbush to the list.
Many smiles here.


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Doh. Shredder and Kimmers closed with rope across. When we got back to lot some guys told us we could have gone ...but I'm a rule follower and not good karma/etiquette. Adams was good.


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Add Perspiration/Chitty Bang Bang to this list for sure. Trail is from Pittsfield to Chittendon. Ridgeline Outdoor Collective just had the ribbon cutting early October. Easiest access would be from Chittendon Brook Campground off of rt 73. Access also doable off Upper Michigan in Pittsfield
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