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Thanks guys.

For anyone waiting on a wicking tee, we have a small issue with the embroidery and are waiting patiently for a resolution. Hoss sub contracted the embroidery and that company shipped directly to us. When the jersies arrived about 95% of them had damage from the embroidery table. The damage is negligble, but it is still there and we cant in good concious send them out.

I will update here and via email to members once Hoss gives us a resolution and ETA for the new stuff. I can say that the wickers look completely awesome, just real bummer they were damaged. Example here:

T shirt here for those who havent seen it:
Back -
Front -

Thanks again for the support, JORBA is really doing some great stuff all around the state.


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the webmaster has been sacked. he was a spineless hack. :D

seriously, if you have an issue with logging into the forums, pm me with your id (if its other than "Mk1Racer") and I'll sort you out.

on the schwag... the T-shirts are complete, and we're ordering a second batch in fact... but the wicking shirts as Ken mentioned are still being worked on. It was a real bummer to wait and then get a batch of ripped shirts.

anyway, we're going to make it all right. and for all those who are stuck waiting for their wicking T's and member cards, we've already discussed it and we're going to extend your memberships a couple of extra months as a good faith gesture for the delay.


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mergs, you can hold on to my stuff till the next time we meet up if you want to save on shipping.


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Update, also sent to members through the site:

As you may have heard, our wicking tees (for members at the Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond levels) came in damaged from the embroiderer. They were ordered from Hoss MTB, and subbed out by Hoss to an embroiderer that they have used many times in the past. The embroiderer shipped direct to us. When they came in, each jersey had a tear in the same exact spot, seemingly from the table the embroiderer clamps them to. We couldn't in good faith send them out to you all. I feel it makes a bad first impression.

I sent pics of the damage to Hoss and they have come back with good news. They are in the process of making new rancher tee's for us and the embroiderer knows where the mistake was made and feels he can fulfill our order. I can say the embroidery looks top notch; if it wasn’t for the tears we would have been extremely happy with the end result.

I hope to have the new ones in early next week and we will work hard to ship them right out to those of you patiently waiting.

The good news is that we are extending each of your memberships three months to make up for the extended wait time for your schwag and member cards. Hoss has also offered a one time discount for our members, nothing is set in stone yet but I am working out the details and will pass along the info to you all in a separate email.

Thanks for your understanding. Have a wonderful July 4th, hope you all get some great rides in this week.

Ken Seebeck & the JORBA Devo Staff
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