Wild Cat Wednesday!


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That is true and I’m still trying to get a Friday off to ride with the other cool kids.

Thanks Stef, that was a fun ride. A really highly competent group of riders, yet no one takes themselves too seriously. Truly a mid week adventure or just an adventure period.
you do mean the REAL cool kids right . . . .:rolleyes::D


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I have a hard time getting upset about this, as I often ride my bike places I'm not supposed to (allegedly). A couple of people doing it probably isn't a big deal, but if they all start telling their friends then it could become a real problem. I also wonder if it was moto riders that cut out that tree on Oreland.

Fire roads are boring.
I was there on Monday and I was just behind a moto. I heard him but never saw him. The one thing I could say is that this guy actually had decent throttle control. I could see some spots there the tires dug in but mostly not. I was still curious to see if I could find him and see who it was or what bike they were on.