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hey, im trying find a good place in the ny/nj/pa area to go mountain biking this weekend.. i was hoping to find a big park or national forest that allows camping so we can maybe car camp and ride for a couple days from a base camp (which means id like to find a place with lots of trails from technical downhill to lengthy cross country to keep me entertained all weekend) See, i was spoiled while at Brevard College as I was able to ride in Pisgah National Forest in western NC anytime i wanted. Now im done with school and back in northern nj trying to find something like it. thanks for your help...:cool:

Welcome to the site man. I gots nuthin' for ya, I'm only really familiar with Allaire, Hartshorne and Clayton here in Central NJ. Sounds like you wanna be in NW NJ, NY State, or PA, but you'll either have to research it, or wait for one of these other whackjobs to hit ya up with some 411. TJ
northwest nj has everything you need. mahlon dickerson and i believe stephens state park have year round camping and excellent riding. you aren't going to find the elevation change you had in pisgah, and our downhill/freeride resort is now a ski resort for the winter. in the area around stephen's(allamuchy/stephens/kittatiny) you can find everything you're after, and in the area around mahlon(mahlon and several wildlife management areas open to riding only on sundays right now), you'll find the same. more singletrack to be had around stephen's though. you'll have to pay to camp, but will have facilities.
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