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....my shifter, right side, rear der., doesnt click and travels from one through nine with out any resistance or performing any function. It doesnt shift the chain at all and I can push it from one to nine and nine back to one and nothing happens, not even a peep. Do I gotta get me a new shifter??

Stupid geared bikes
Every time something like that happens to me it just pushes me closer and closer to get rid of my geared bike and go SS 100%!
no calble tension ? Maybe check for broken cable, loose cables or cable disconected by derailer.
This is what I thought when I read the post. Almost sounds like the nut on the deraileur is loose.

Or the shifter is broken but man, how did you do that?

I have tension and everything is connected. I went out on a mission last night in the woods across the street from my house to scout out a place to watch fireworks. Its one of the highest parts in town and South Amboy is on the water so you can see what ever is going on in NY as well as all the way to Sandy Hook.

Anyway, I was rolling through a pretty heavily brushed walking path and a tree or something grabbed the handlebar, and that was it, the chain jumped all the way down to the smallest cog and thats where it is now.
You can crimp a cable so bad that it will not slide through the housing. I did that once from a number plate being too tight at a race. :mad2:

I also have broken the cable (not the housing) at the shift lever. The chain fell down to the bottom cog and I had to stand all the way home :drooling: Well I hope it is something easy like the cable.
it's a busted shifter. the ratcheting mechanism probably snapped. trigger shifters right? you should be able to replace/upgrade it for fairly cheap.
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